November 12, 2019


Hallucinations and Delusions

I was thinking that this makes sense that a person with Parkinsons disease would see things that aren’t there. When I was younger and tripping out on (X) Ecstasy and Acid we would hallucinate all the time.

On Acid that would be expected and for those of you that have never done X you might think it was natural on that as well. But that is not so. On Ecstasy you do see things that are not there but it is often caused by the crossing of your eyes. Yep, when you are Blowing Up on X your eyes get crossed and you see things that do not exist.

My theory is that, when you have Parkinson’s disease your trembling and your eyes play tricks on you because you can’t focus. That sucks. The real pleasure on Xstasy is the out of body experience you get when your mind starts to clear after Blowing Up. … But was a lifetime ago.

Charlie Sheen and Two and a Half Men

I’ve been watching 2 and a Half men for it’s entire run and I must say that I owe those actors some incredible kudos. I have acted before and usually in one of two venues. Either they were adolescent high school plays or they we ridiculous home made hand written plays / musicals by someone whom has never written anything like that before. He tried to have a plot, but had no idea how to create an interesting and in depth plot line. Still, Vin, god rest his soul, created some very interesting and funny skits and shows. It was very difficult to perform the lines seriously with funny timing. YET, in Two and a Half Men they do it every time!!! The main characters; Charlie and Alan, are established and successful actors. It must have been so difficult to perform those lines 😉 Sometimes with a straight face and sometimes with spite. Still, with an audience laughing it would have been impossible to perform those lines as done.